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Networking event

Networking: A Key for Savvy Landlords

When trying to advance your career or make your next move, the importance of networking cannot be overstated. There is a reason people pay to go to networking events, after all. Property management is no different. Getting to know landlords in your area can not only help you improve your immediate ability to be a better landlord, but can also help your professional growth. Networking also gives you aRead more
Tenants Moving out

Moving Out: 5 Ways to Ensure a Smooth Transition Between Tenants

Whether it takes place over a day or over a week, handling all the various tasks of moving out your former tenants and new tenants in is a complicated and tiring process. Furniture needs to be moved, keys need to be collected, and damages need to be assessed, all on a tight deadline. Here are a few tips that can help make the process a little less daunting andRead more
Student Housing Property Management Software

College-Age Tenants: What to Expect

Understanding your renter is one of the most effective ways to become the best landlord possible. When you know your demographic, you’re better able to cater to your tenants’ wants and needs and will be better prepared for the challenges that demographic may present. If you are investing in rental property near a college campus, you should be ready to work with the college-age tenant. This specific group bringsRead more
Woman using a smartphone

Communicate with Tenants for Pain-Free Management

Communicate with Tenants for Pain-Free ManagementIn 2017, there are constant distractions.  Your tenants may sign their lease with the best of intentions, but too often they begin shirking responsibilities: rent comes in late, they don’t submit late fees, minor maintenance requests fester, etc.  And while some of these renters are truly bad eggs (how did they get through the screening process?), others are just forgetful.  It’s not an excuse,Read more
1% Investment Rule

Using the 1% Rule When Expanding Your Portfolio

Portfolio expansion is always an exciting time for a landlord or property manager.  New projects, new dollars, and new challenges can be a compelling and tempting proposition.  But it’s crucial to keep perspective in mind: is this a smart investment of my time, money, and energy?  Will this property be an asset capable of leasing and generating steady revenue into the future?  Or a sinkhole I’ll soon regret? BeforeRead more
White House

What the Trump Tax Cuts Mean for Small and Mid-Sized Landlords

Wednesday afternoon, April 26th, the Trump administration released a first draft of its proposed tax reform plan.  The outline includes a considerable corporate tax cut of 15% applicable to all businesses – from mom-and-pop local retail stores to large conglomerates. The rate shift is the big headline and is of course significant to any landlord operating under one or more LLC’s; however, there is an additional item contained inRead more
Paper Shredder of Contract

Why We Don’t Use Contracts

We often get raised eyebrows and funny faces when we tell folks we don’t have a contract.  It leaves our investors confused and our clients (and potential clients) a bit skeptical.  So we wanted to explain ourselves.  There are two primary reasons we have not ever and will not ever require you to sign a contract. ______________ Reason 1: We Know You’ll Love Us We at Innago believe propertyRead more

Sun rises over rental houses, a new day in property management software

Introducing Innago

We at Innago believe that, until now, property management software has been too big, too clunky, too difficult to use, and too expensive for most landlords. When property management software was first created, it was understandably designed for the biggest fish in the pond: landlords with thousands of units, often spread out regionally and nationally.  Sellers of software have targeted these landlords because they have the biggest budgets.  ButRead more


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