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Holiday season hearth

Worry-Free Holiday Season Checklist for Landlords

When the holiday season comes around, keeping up with gift-giving, family gatherings, and finances can seem like a maddening prospect. For landlords, that’s just the beginning. Many property managers have a to-do list longer than Santa’s in the thick of the holiday season, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to make things more manageable while also making life easier for your tenants. Know When Your Tenants Are OutRead more
Tenant communication

The Importance of Effective Tenant Communication

Communication and clarity are the backbone of any relationship, personal or professional, and the landlord-tenant relationship is no different. Focusing your attention on establishing strong lines of tenant communication enables you to solve problems quickly, prevent others from happening in the first place, and keep yourself legally protected when one spirals out of control. Don’t Let the Lease Speak for Itself It’s the tenant’s responsibility to read and understandRead more
Property damaged protected by renters insurance

Renters Insurance: Why It Isn’t Too Much to Ask

As the number of renters in America has increased in recent years, so has the number of people buying renters insurance. According to a 2016 Insurance Information Institute poll, 41 percent of renters said they have insurance – a small number compared to the 95 percent of homeowners who have homeowners insurance, but a notable increase from 29 percent of renters in 2011. Renters insurance is on the riseRead more
Renters paint an apartment

Paint by Renters: 5 Easy Steps to Smartly Let Your Renters Paint

It’s a familiar situation. You hire professional painters, get the whole interior a crisp, clean, incredible white, and some lucky tenants are swept off their feet just enough to bite. Surely it was the immaculate floor to ceiling coverage of that Sherwin Williams SW7028 that sold them. But then, about a month into their stay, you get a call. It's your tenants. They want to make some changes. ShouldRead more
silent landlord communication

How Being a Silent Landlord Can Cause Problems

Nobody understands how busy you are as a property manager or landlord better than us here at Innago. You’re constantly meeting deadlines and handling situations and challenges that it’s impossible to plan for or even see coming. Compounding this, for many landlords, managing properties is a side gig, paired with a 9-5 job that has its own demands and stresses.  It can be easy to let some of theRead more
Rental properties, increase revenue

6 Ways to Increase Revenue That you Might be Missing Out On

If you’re wondering how to increase your return on property investment, there’s assuredly something you haven’t tapped into yet. Potential opportunities to increase revenue are often overlooked and rarely maximized.  Whether you’re a veteran landlord with multiple properties or a greenhorn still polishing the management practices on your first, below are ideas that any landlord can apply to bring in up to hundreds of extra dollars every month. OfferRead more
Pest Control Exterminator

Who Should Be the Exterminator: Tenant or Landlord?

After we finished making our first meal in our newly renovated apartment, my girlfriend and I assumed our favorite positions on the couch and began watching the newest episode of Game of Thrones. We both were locked into the season finale when out of the corner of my eye I saw a flying black object approaching the TV. To my surprise this was not one of Khaleesi’s baby dragons,Read more
Renting Garage Space Out

Renting Garage Space Out: What do you Need to Know?

Depending on your location, renting garage space is a great and reliable form of extra revenue, especially in light of the high demand for long-term parking in urban areas. Whether you’re considering opening up your property’s garage to potential renters, looking at investing in a property with a garage, or you simply want to maximize assets you already have, here are some important tips moving forward. Additional Reading: Efficient Growth:Read more
Downsize portfolio

Is it Time to Downsize your Property Portfolio?

Managing a portfolio can take a great deal of effort. On average, you should shoot for at least one manager per 150-200 units to operate efficiently. If your unit per manager ratio is getting too high, then maybe it’s time to downsize. Landlords downsize for many reasons: they decide they want to focus on other business opportunities, they’ve forecast a downward turn in the market, or (most frequently) they’veRead more
Efficient Growth

Efficient Growth: When Should Landlords Look For Software?

Purchasing a rental property is a fantastic way to invest your money. If you own a single unit or even just a handful, the challenges of marketing, maintaining, and managing your rentals are fairly minimal. But as with any lucrative investment, positive returns lead to additional purchases, and you can quickly find yourself with a time consuming and headache inducing portfolio. As your business grows, it's crucial to focusRead more


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