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Calendar late fees

Late Fees: Are you Using them Effectively?

Every landlord has encountered tenants who don’t make paying rent on time a priority. Usually, a late fee will be implemented to act as a threat, not an actual debt. Since it’s a threat, the tenant often won’t pay the late fee. And once they’ve managed to avoid the late fee the first time, they may take advantage of your leniency in the future. This can result in aRead more
Late rent fee invoice - Innago property management software

Late Fee System and the Innago Solution

A late fee system is an important part of the management process for any landlord worth their salt.  It only takes a line or two in your lease agreement to grant yourself a significant ally in your monthly rental collection.  In fact, aside from an eviction notice, the threat of a late rent fee is often the only impetus strong enough to compel delinquent tenants to submit their rent.Read more


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