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suburban growth vs urban

Why Population Growth in the Suburbs is Outpacing City Growth

During the late nineteenth century, many Americans flocked to cities in search of factory work. In the postwar era of the 1940s-1950s, this trend was reversed. Because of low housing costs and GI Bill benefits, even working class Americans found that they could afford to own homes in the suburbs and pursue “The American Dream”. Then, in 2008, the housing market collapsed. The “dream” suddenly became less tangible and,Read more
Comparing commercial lease types

Comparing Commercial Lease Types: Net, Gross, and Percentage Leases

So you’ve decided to take the plunge into commercial real estate. Investing in and managing commercial properties is quite different than the residential market, and many of those differences start with the lease.  New landlords often have limited experience with commercial leases and the differences can understandably seem complex and overwhelming. But, fear not, there’s no need to stress. Below, we’ve compiled simple, easy to understand summaries to helpRead more
Skyline with residential and commercial real estate

Understanding the Differences Between Residential and Commercial Real Estate Investing

Real estate has always been a popular choice for investors looking to diversify their portfolio. While successful real estate i­nvesting can provide substantial rewards, the barrier to entry and learning curve can feel daunting when compared to purchasing financial securities like stocks and bonds. This problem is compounded by the wide variety of markets, types of properties available, and methods of investment and management. The two most common realRead more
Increase rent and property value

Four Surefire Ways to Help Increase Rent and Property Value

Whether you’re trying to flip an investment property or looking to increase rent and maximize your revenue stream, there are numerous ways for property managers to bolster a home or apartment’s market value. While some certainly require a decent amount of time and money, there are other options for landlords trying to spruce up a property to warrant a bump in asking price for next year’s lease. Renovate theRead more
school district bus

How Much Does a School District Affect Property Value?

The question of how much a school district affects property value is murky and has been subject to much rigorous debate, but that a high-performing school district will attract renters and buyers alike is no question at all. Although landlords know that the majority of their clientele are younger demographics yet to settle down or start a family, they also know that this trend has been upended in AmericaRead more
Steam pot energy costs

Save on Energy Costs for You and Your Tenants This Winter

Winter is far from over, which means more salt on the roads and heavy coats out of the closet. What it doesn’t have to mean is another month of expensive heating bills. Here are some ways to make your property more efficient so that you and your tenants can reduce energy costs and save money. Avoid heating devices that use electricity or heating oil. Electric heating is the mostRead more
Rental properties, increase revenue

6 Ways to Increase Revenue That you Might be Missing Out On

If you’re wondering how to increase your return on property investment, there’s assuredly something you haven’t tapped into yet. Potential opportunities to increase revenue are often overlooked and rarely maximized.  Whether you’re a veteran landlord with multiple properties or a greenhorn still polishing the management practices on your first, below are ideas that any landlord can apply to bring in up to hundreds of extra dollars every month. OfferRead more
Downsize portfolio

Is it Time to Downsize your Property Portfolio?

Managing a portfolio can take a great deal of effort. On average, you should shoot for at least one manager per 150-200 units to operate efficiently. If your unit per manager ratio is getting too high, then maybe it’s time to downsize. Landlords downsize for many reasons: they decide they want to focus on other business opportunities, they’ve forecast a downward turn in the market, or (most frequently) they’veRead more
Decreasing Apartment Size

Apartment Size is Decreasing: Does it Matter?

As new apartment buildings are built, the units on the inside are changing drastically. Since 2006, the national apartment size average has been slowly decreasing. So far in 2017, the average size of an apartment has been recorded at 889 square feet, which represents a 9% reduction compared to those built in 2006. Surprisingly, even though the amount of space offered to tenants is shrinking, the occupancy rate ofRead more
Backcasting and trend analysis

Backcasting: Analyzing the Past for the Future of Real Estate

You may be unfamiliar with the term backcasting, but if you’ve been in the real estate industry in any way shape or form for even just a month, you’re bound to have heard about real estate cycles. Cycles are evident in every form of real estate – commercial and residential, big and small. Nearly every aspect of real estate is cyclical in some way, whether it’s the price ofRead more


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