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service animal in rental housing

Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals in Rental Properties

We all know the dangers: pets can destroy hardwood floors, tear up carpets, frighten neighbors, and cause a regular and disruptive disturbance. For this reason, many landlords choose to prohibit any tenant with a pet from renting their property or unit, and they are entirely justified, both legally and ethically, in doing so. Things become complicated, however, when a prospective tenant has a legitimate medical need. Tenants with serviceRead more
Tenant Conflicts

Four Things to Remember When Handling Tenant Conflicts

We’re all familiar with conflicts between tenants and landlords, and you no doubt have quite a few stories under your belt, but what should you do when there’s one between your tenants? Tenant conflicts of this sort can be difficult – perhaps the most common being noise complaints. You must tread carefully when determining if it’s appropriate for you to get involved in the first place, but if aRead more
4 Things to Know When Renting to Elderly Tenants

Four Things to Know When Renting to Elderly Tenants

Although many might think the average renter is a college student or someone knocking on their thirties, the reality is that all sorts of age groups and demographics are renting in America today. In fact, the percentage of total renters that fall into the older demographic is increasing – in 2016, renting Americans aged 55 and older increased from 24.4 to 27 percent. As a landlord, here is what youRead more
Furniture left behind

Tenant’s Furniture Left Behind After Move Out – Whose is it?

Tenants are prone to leaving things behind during a move out. More often than not, it’ll be little more than trash and used cleaning supplies, but what is to be done when there’s furniture left behind? If you have new tenants moving in, clearing out the property quickly and entirely is one of your top priorities. How you should handle these items – from furniture to a pile ofRead more
Overlooked lease items

3 Overlooked Lease Items You Should Include

Any seasoned landlord knows the importance of an air-tight lease agreement.  For some, that means paragraph after paragraph detailing every imaginable scenario and conflict.  For others, it’s just a couple of pages.  Neither approach is necessarily better than the other.  In fact (and this shouldn’t be news to you), length has no effect on the legal validity of a lease.  But there are a few key pieces of informationRead more
Lease signed digitally on Innago Property Manager platform

Electronic Signatures are More Secure

When we talk to clients about our online lease signing feature, we receive one of two reactions: the landlord immediately understands the convenience and is excited by such a useful feature available for free, or they’re suspicious of the validity of online signatures and disinterested in the whole idea. While a positive reaction is always welcome, we’re actually more excited by the negative one.  It gives us an opportunityRead more


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