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reading newspaper free press

Free Press: Three Steps to Easily Capitalize When Marketing Properties

In the age of social media, it’s more important than ever to let no good press go to waste, and as a property manager there are a multitude of platforms to help get tenants through your door. Whether a good review of a local restaurant or a feature dedicated to your neighborhood as whole, landlords keen on asserting the value of their properties should utilize such articles and trendsRead more
historic property row houses

Three Keys to Marketing a Historic Property

Although recent real estate trends have focused on investing in and gentrifying urban communities across the country, that doesn’t mean there’s less demand for historic properties. In fact, as urban areas undergo revivals, certain properties and buildings may become highly sought after for the very features for which they were once overlooked. These revitalized buildings and districts raise the awareness of and value placed on historic features by tenantsRead more
Micro-Targeting Tenants

Using Micro-Targeting to Fill Your Rentals

With the world of advertising seemingly getting turned on its head every month, marketing your properties can be a maddening task, and property managers are reacting in different ways to stay ahead of the game. One phrase that is likely to become a staple in landlord jargon is "micro-targeting," a growing practice that already has CEO’s heads turning. Landlords and property managers in niche markets are turning to micro-targetingRead more
Does Craigslist Work

Does Craigslist Work for Rentals Anymore?

Craigslist has long been a go-to spot for quick, easy listings of anything from furniture to personal ads, and has been one of the country’s most popular sources for apartment listings. But does Craigslist work for rentals anymore? While many landlords have no doubt had success using the classifieds juggernaut, Craigslist is now over 20 years old, and its age is really starting to show. You know how importantRead more
Staging Rentals

4 Tips for Staging Rentals: Small Changes Make a Big Difference

While some might think that the added process of staging rentals is only important for selling homes or renting big complexes, large or small, a tenant’s first impression is something you can never get back. It’s hit or miss, and when you’re looking to have someone sign on the dotted line today, it’s important that you hit from the moment they walk in. According to celebrity stager, Meredith Baer,Read more
Person searching through property listings

Easy Ways to Add Personality to Your Property Listings

There are numerous sites dedicated to helping potential tenants find rental properties, and competition on them is fierce – 84% of renters turn to the Internet to find their next apartment or house. So when a potential tenant is scrolling through the hundreds upon hundreds of property listings in your area, it’s absolutely essential that you take the necessary steps to make yours stand out. You don’t want otherRead more
Networking event

Networking: A Key for Savvy Landlords

When trying to advance your career or make your next move, the importance of networking cannot be overstated. There is a reason people pay to go to networking events, after all. Property management is no different. Getting to know landlords in your area can not only help you improve your immediate ability to be a better landlord, but can also help your professional growth. Networking also gives you aRead more
House showing

The Dos and Don’ts of a House Showing

It’s little secret that the internet age has fundamentally changed the real estate market. According to a joint study by and Google, 72 percent of renters start their apartment search online. But even as real estate goes increasingly digital, it’s important to remember the importance of a house showing. Sure, you can post your property on every real estate website known to man and spruce it up withRead more
Effective Marketing for rental properties

Effective Marketing: 4 Ways to Improve Your Rental Advertising

Believe it or not, the first ever paid advertisement in the US was for an estate in Long Island that was posted in the Boston News Letter way back in 1704. Keep that in the memory bank for office trivia night. Now I’m sure you’re aware, but marketing strategies have changed quite a bit since that first American ad. Landlords now rely on online listings, social media ads, andRead more
Improve your rental website

How to Improve Your Rental Website

As digital searches increase and consumers become decidedly more connected to the Internet, finding ways to improve your rental website is more important than ever. The Housing Search Begins Offline, but Quickly Moves Online “For Rent” yard signs and external marketing are still great ways to get your inventory noticed and your brand out there, but they don’t result in immediate calls anymore. Renters want to see pictures ofRead more


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