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Commercial properties

Online Rent Payments: Commercial Properties, It’s Time to Upgrade

Property managers have been accepting paper checks for their commercial properties for years, but is that the optimal payment method for B2B transactions? We (and most businesses) think not. In the past twenty years, more and more small businesses – particularly those that often occupy commercial spaces – have made the push for more convenience at check out. Now they’re starting to expect that same level of service whenRead more
Calendar late fees

Late Fees: Are you Using them Effectively?

Every landlord has encountered tenants who don’t make paying rent on time a priority. Usually, a late fee will be implemented to act as a threat, not an actual debt. Since it’s a threat, the tenant often won’t pay the late fee. And once they’ve managed to avoid the late fee the first time, they may take advantage of your leniency in the future. This can result in aRead more
Late rent fee invoice - Innago property management software

Late Fee System and the Innago Solution

A late fee system is an important part of the management process for any landlord worth their salt.  It only takes a line or two in your lease agreement to grant yourself a significant ally in your monthly rental collection.  In fact, aside from an eviction notice, the threat of a late rent fee is often the only impetus strong enough to compel delinquent tenants to submit their rent.Read more
Accepting Rent via Paper Check - Innago Rental Management Software

Accepting Rent via Paper Check: What’s it Really Cost?

You’re likely familiar by now with the term eCheck. If you are not, an echeck is an electronic version of a paper check that is used to make payments and transfer funds online. The benefits of such a form of payment in contrast to traditional paper checks and cash are fairly clear (simplicity, security, convenience), and you’ve likely weighed those pros against the (perceived) con of increased cost. However,Read more
Sailboat on a blue ocean

Online Rent Payments: Set a Course for Modern Renting

Large apartment complexes have been offering online rent payment portals for years.  For small to mid-sized landlords on the other hand, giving tenants the ability to pay rent online has been a luxury feature – too expensive for most and not yet demanded by their tenants. But times are changing. A recent study showed that 80% of consumers prefer to pay for purchases by debit or credit card. AndRead more
Person paying their rent online with a credit card on Innago

5 Reasons You Should Be Accepting Rent With Credit Cards

eCommerce is an exploding industry.  Merchants and consumers love the convenience of online shopping, and that convenience shouldn’t stop at retail.  Here’s five reasons you, a landlord, should think about offering online credit card payments too. 1. Convenience for your tenants A rental payment is a monthly deduction from your tenant’s bank account.  It’s impossible to make it pleasant, so it’s important to make it as convenient as possible. Read more


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