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Does Craigslist Work

Does Craigslist Work for Rentals Anymore?

Craigslist has long been a go-to spot for quick, easy listings of anything from furniture to personal ads, and has been one of the country’s most popular sources for apartment listings. But does Craigslist work for rentals anymore? While many landlords have no doubt had success using the classifieds juggernaut, Craigslist is now over 20 years old, and its age is really starting to show. You know how importantRead more
Tenant communication

The Importance of Effective Tenant Communication

Communication and clarity are the backbone of any relationship, personal or professional, and the landlord-tenant relationship is no different. Focusing your attention on establishing strong lines of tenant communication enables you to solve problems quickly, prevent others from happening in the first place, and keep yourself legally protected when one spirals out of control. Don’t Let the Lease Speak for Itself It’s the tenant’s responsibility to read and understandRead more
Efficient Growth

Efficient Growth: When Should Landlords Look For Software?

Purchasing a rental property is a fantastic way to invest your money. If you own a single unit or even just a handful, the challenges of marketing, maintaining, and managing your rentals are fairly minimal. But as with any lucrative investment, positive returns lead to additional purchases, and you can quickly find yourself with a time consuming and headache inducing portfolio. As your business grows, it's crucial to focusRead more
Accepting Rent via Paper Check - Innago Rental Management Software

Accepting Rent via Paper Check: What’s it Really Cost?

You’re likely familiar by now with the term eCheck. If you are not, an echeck is an electronic version of a paper check that is used to make payments and transfer funds online. The benefits of such a form of payment in contrast to traditional paper checks and cash are fairly clear (simplicity, security, convenience), and you’ve likely weighed those pros against the (perceived) con of increased cost. However,Read more
Sailboat on a blue ocean

Online Rent Payments: Set a Course for Modern Renting

Large apartment complexes have been offering online rent payment portals for years.  For small to mid-sized landlords on the other hand, giving tenants the ability to pay rent online has been a luxury feature – too expensive for most and not yet demanded by their tenants. But times are changing. A recent study showed that 80% of consumers prefer to pay for purchases by debit or credit card. AndRead more
Sublet Signing Innago Rental Property Software Feature

Subletting: the Good, the Bad, and the Manageable

If you are not already familiar with subletting, now, before your new lease term starts, is the time dig deeper. Subletting occurs when your lease-signing tenant rents out their spot in your property for a certain period of the lease term. You will hear the word, “sublet” tossed around on college campuses more than anywhere else. This is due to the mobility of students throughout the year: beginning internships,Read more
Smart home

Smart Homes in the Rental Market

We are currently living in a world with smartphones, smart cars, smart televisions and now; smart homes. Even though the smart home market is still in it’s embryonic stage, people are actually adopting this technology more rapidly than originally imagined. So quickly that we are already seeing the next step in this evolution of real estate: smart apartments. Market Creation Millennials are now the largest living generation, surpassing babyRead more
Laptop at the beach

“Landlording” Without Boundaries

"Landlording" Without Boundaries Choosing to manage rental property into retirement a decade ago was not as possible as it is today. Not only is it feasible, but it can also be an extremely smart and lucrative way to invest your money. Over half of the population wants to relocate in their retirement years. This could easily keep some potential property owners or current property owners from leasing their propertyRead more
Woman using a smartphone

Communicate with Tenants for Pain-Free Management

Communicate with Tenants for Pain-Free ManagementIn 2017, there are constant distractions.  Your tenants may sign their lease with the best of intentions, but too often they begin shirking responsibilities: rent comes in late, they don’t submit late fees, minor maintenance requests fester, etc.  And while some of these renters are truly bad eggs (how did they get through the screening process?), others are just forgetful.  It’s not an excuse,Read more
Lease signed digitally on Innago Property Manager platform

Electronic Signatures are More Secure

When we talk to clients about our online lease signing feature, we receive one of two reactions: the landlord immediately understands the convenience and is excited by such a useful feature available for free, or they’re suspicious of the validity of online signatures and disinterested in the whole idea. While a positive reaction is always welcome, we’re actually more excited by the negative one.  It gives us an opportunityRead more


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