1% of total invoice, ($5 max) for first 25 invoices per month
$1 max for invoices 26+
ACH Payments
Credit / Debit Card Payments 2.75%
Single Business Day Funds Delivery
Automated Debits
Here’s an example:
You manage 10 units. Each has 2 tenants that pay $2,000 total in monthly rent. That’s 20 tenants paying a total of $20,000 per month.
If half of your units paid rent online (10 tenants paying $10,000), Innago would send you $9,975 ($5 per invoice x 5 invoices).
The number of tenants submitting and their method of payment does not matter, and we never charge you more than $5. If 26 units pay online, the last one is just $1.
Got a lot of units? Ask us about custom pricing for larger landlords.