We make simple software for every landlord

Built For You

Innago is a clean, easy to use application for managing your rentals. Our customers are small, independent landlords that have one or two employees, or handle everything themselves. They don’t have a marketing team or an IT department.

If you feel you’ve lost a competitive edge to larger landlords with modern features, or you simply want to streamline your rental management process, you’ve come to the right place.

Our mission is to make renting simple, accessible, and affordable for landlords of any size.  

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Work With Us

From day one, we’ve met and collaborated with small-to-mid-sized landlords to produce an application they actually want to use. We’ve avoided unnecessary features and focused on saving you time.

Too many property management applications are overwhelming, bloated with features that drive up the cost and turn their software “solution” into a software problem.

We regularly consult our client partners when creating new features (just ask them). Our team is always focused on solving real problems as simply and intuitively as possible.