The Key to Better
Property Management
is Better Tenant Management.

Free Rental Property Management Software

Innago was founded with a simple mission

Create intuitive tenant management tools that any small-to-mid-size landlord can pick up, learn, and implement.


Innago must simplify the process of working, living, and interacting for both landlords and their tenants. If Innago is not simple, it will not work.

Simple Property Management System


Landlords do not have hours to spend daily learning a new system. They don’t have time for costly and cumbersome certification. We must guide our users naturally and organically towards a solution so that they can take work off their plate.

intuitive property management app


From lease terms to late fees, no two landlords operate in an identical manner. Innago must provide landlords the flexibility to manage their rentals in the way that best suits their business.

Flexible Landlords Software


It shouldn’t cost thousands of dollars annually for tools to manage a business. That’s why we made accessing and using Innago entirely free.

Affordable Property Management Software for Landlords


Ultimately, we must provide landlords tools that do not simply talk the talk, but walk the walk. Collection rates should increase, transparency should improve, and time wasted should be saved.

Free effective features for landlords

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