Student Housing

Managing student renters comes with plenty of headache.

Have no fear! Innago was built to make managing student renters a breeze. Here are five reasons Innago is great for student housing landlords.

Free student housing property management software


Let’s face it, student renter’s are not known for their responsiveness and accountability, so keeping them up-to-date on what they owe and reminding them of due dates and late fees is a full time job (and a hair-pulling one at that).

Our system will handle the busy work, sending multiple reminders when invoices are due and overdue. If mom and dad are handling the rental payments, add them to the reminder list to keep them in the loop. And what’s more, a tenant cannot pay a future rental invoice until all prior invoices and late fees have been paid.

No More Checks

Google searches for “How do you write a check?” have gone up nearly 900% in the last 10 years. And while Google doesn’t tell us who’s asking the question, we’d guess it’s not your 40-year-old resident.

For most college students, rent is the first substantial check (and more than likely, the first check, period), they’ve ever had to write. Make things easier with electronic payments and you’ll see faster and more complete rental collection.

No more rental payment with checks, just online payment

Easy Maintenance Management

Student housing properties can take a beating. One great way to keep your investment in good condition for the long haul is to quickly address any maintenance issues. Innago makes it easy for your tenants to submit pictures, videos, and descriptions from their phone. You can reply instantly and, if you determine it was their fault, send them an invoice for the damage.

Parent Guarantors and Multiple Signers

Student renters don’t have a credit history, rental history, or (fingers crossed) a criminal history. But their parents do. Our flexible tenant screening service and lease signing platform allow you to easily manage multiple applicants and signers.

Renewal season doesn’t have to be filled with phone calls and emails trying to schedule an in-person lease signing meeting with six twenty-year-olds headed out for spring break. Digital signing can be done from anywhere.

parent can act as a guarantor

Rent Per Bed, Per Unit, and Manage Subleases

With co-ops, internships, and relationship squabbles, student renters are constantly shuffling between properties. That’s why Innago, let’s you easily sign leases by the bed or by the unit. And when turnover turmoil inevitably rears it’s ugly head, you can handle sublessees and early termination with a few simple clicks.