Streamline Your Business

With Senior Living

Property Management Software

Simplify the process of managing senior living facilities, with online billing and collection, community announcements, and digital document storage and signing.

Automate Rent
Collection & Simplify
Tenant Payments

We make rent collection a breeze! Innago will send automatic reminders and notifications when rent is due. Tenants can even sign up for automated rent payment, leading to more payments in full and on time. Our next day deposits gets money into your account sooner! 


Foster An Engaged Community

Looking to organize a community movie night? Let everyone know with just a few clicks. Innago makes it easy to share announcements, and chat directly with your senior community.  


Track The Financial
Health Of Your
Senior Living Facility

Track and categorize all your expenses in one place. Export profit and loss statements, expense sheets, occupancy statistics, deposits held, and more. 

Online documentation

Manage & Sign
Documents All In One Place

Sign and store as many documents as you like for free. This includes lease agreements, tenant information, insurance policies, and anything else you. No more digging through clutter to find the paperwork you need. Quickly access your documents anytime, from anywhere.