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Efficient management starts with great tenants and great tenants start with effective screening. Innago allows you to easily manage applications and run comprehensive screening reports.

  • Instantaneous reporting
  • Application management
  • Seamless integration
Innago Tenant Screening Services

Create Custom Applications

Our application builder allows you to create custom applications and ask the questions that matter most to your business. It’s a simple, elegant process that can save you major time and headache in the future.

You can request that the applicant upload files with their application, like recent pay stubs and a driver's license, and change the appearance to match your branding.

tenant screening report

Embed Your Application in your Website

It’s incredibly easy to link your Innago application and screening check directly to your marketing website. Prospective tenants can reach out as soon as they’re interested, helping you close more leases faster.

The linking process itself is extremely simple. Your website manager should be able to handle the integration with little trouble. And if you need a hand, we’re here to help!

Tenant Screening free

Background Checks, Credit Checks, Eviction History

Innago’s screening service runs the full gamut: access comprehensive, national data on your applicant’s criminal history, credit history, and eviction history. With instant reporting, you can quickly and effectively understand whether or not your prospective tenant will be a good fit right away.

Our reports are powered by TransUnion, one of the market leaders in screening services, so you know you’re in good hands.

landlord guide to background checks, credit checks, and eviction history

Track and Manage Applicants

Easily request applications from multiple tenants at once. We’ll alert you as soon as the tenant has completed the submission and is ready for review. Reject the tenants that aren’t a good fit and accept those you want to lease.

Once accepted, it takes a single click to send your lease, ready to be signed. Control, manage, and simplify the entire rental process from one place with Innago.

track tenants and applicants

Why Landlords Love Innago

  • Innago really helped us meet the needs of our tenants. They had requested an online payment option for a while. Innago made it easy for them to pay online. Easy to set up and easy to use. It's nice to be able to know who you are working with and the service is the best.

    Property owner amanda review for Innago

    Amanda Rogers

    Raemar Harrison
  • I was so happy with how quickly the Innago team responded to me if I had questions or had an issue. This is huge when switching programs! I always felt like they were a part of my team and wanted to help MY business.

    property owner robert review about Innago

    Robert Lewis

    Lewis Town Properties