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Sign lease agreements quickly and easily – no scheduling required.

You’re a busy person; don’t let traditional leases slow you down. Ditch the cluttered file cabinet, save some trees, and navigate your leases with the click of a button.

  • Reduce Clutter

  • Fill Vacancies Faster

  • Add Convenience for Tenants

sign lease agreement online free
sign lease agreement on your mobile

Mobile Signing

Need to add a guarantor who lives out of state? One of the tenants can’t make it for the walkthrough? No problem. Mobile signing lets you instantly send the agreement to all parties.

Gone are the days of frantically coordinating one time for all the busy people in your units to meet with you and sign your lease. Renewals can also be signed electronically, saving time for both you and your (extremely grateful) tenants.

Customizable Options

Every lease is not the same. And on Innago, they don’t have to be. Create as many custom lease templates as you need. Automated fields make the process a breeze. Don’t stress about getting it perfect the first time around – you’ll be able to make edits and revisions up until lease signing, even on your phone or tablet.

Innago’s lease templates allow you to quickly grab the right document with the right information. Rental amounts, lease dates, pet addendums will all be automatically added and integrated to your property.


Free custom rental lease agreement templates
electronic leasing online

Fully Enforceable

There’s no need to worry about online leases not being secure or legally binding. Online leasing provides all the convenience of electronic leasing, with all the integrity of a traditional lease. In fact, electronic signatures are even more secure than physical ones.

Since the eSign Act of Congress was signed (electronically) in 2000, digital signatures have been held up as equal to any paper document. Better yet, electronic signatures provide a paper trail to ensure their validity. Our eSignature partner, HelloSign, helps us ensure that both your convenience and security are making a serious improvement.

Unlimited, Accessible Storage

Sign and store as many leases and other documents as you like, with no strings attached. This includes addendums, tenant information, purchase receipts, and more. No more digging through clutter to find the paperwork you need.

You and your tenants can access these documents from anywhere at any time, so they will never have to contact you to reference their lease again. For more sensitive information, you have complete control over what your tenants can or cannot access.

Sign and store leases and documents
Send lease expiration notices

Expiration Notices

With Innago, the expiration of your lease won’t catch you by surprise. Clearly see how much longer each of your leases are in effect so that you can prepare accordingly.

We’ll send you reminders as each lease wraps up, so you’re always ahead of the game and ready to refill your units. Your tenants will also be reminded of expiring leases, so everyone is always on the same page.

Process Tracking

Having multiple properties in different stages of the leasing process isn’t ideal, but it is a reality. As a result, keeping track of who still has to sign each of these lease agreements can be overwhelming.

Innago makes it easy to oversee the whole leasing process for all of your properties in one place. You can see which tenants have (or haven’t) signed, received, and seen their lease, so you’re never in the dark.


Online lease management & template software

Innago makes my life so much easier. It’s an awesome tenant/landlord web portal with excellent support. I couldn't have done it without you guys!

Joe Williams

VIP Property Management

I was impressed with Innago’s professionalism. They weren't pushy or overbearing. They were up front about everything. I reviewed 4 other companies, but I kept coming back to Innago. Like everything, there is a learning curve but they’re always available for me. Innago feels right.

Joyce Rinehart

Community Management

Not only was my job made easier, but my tenants LOVED Innago. I also enjoyed that it was all online based, which allowed me to work from home several days if I needed to. This was huge for a working mom with two kids. 

Ashley Hill

Highland Court Apartments

Innago really helped us meet the needs of our tenants. They had requested an online payment option for a while. Innago made it easy for them to pay online. Easy to setup and easy to use. It's nice to be able to know who you are working with and the service is the best.

Amanda Rogers

Raemar Harrison

I was so happy with how quickly the Innago team responded to me if I had questions or had an issue. This is huge when switching programs! I always felt like they were a part of my team and wanted to help MY business.

Robert Lewis

Lewis Town Properties

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