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Receive your money faster

No more knocking on doors, running to the bank, and waiting on your funds to arrive. Innago brings your rental collection into the 21st century.

  • On-time collection

  • Transparent payment tracking

  • Safe and secure data transmission

Innago's simple and secure online rent collection platform
With Innago software landlords can collect rent online for free

Enforceable late fees

Automate late fees with custom settings. Percentages, flat fees, repeating charges, or a combination of all three – we made Innago flexible enough to work the way you want it to. You can even apply different settings to different properties and units.

Tenants will be notified as fees stack up, and even better, they can’t pay any future invoices until all past invoices and their late fees have been paid. How’s that for enforceable?

Exportable collection reports

Our reports are clean, simple, and easy to understand. Digital payments are immediately recorded and off-line payments are effortless to enter. Powerful filters and quick presets allow you to gain actionable insight in just a few clicks.

All financial records can be exported to Excel and most other financial programs. Download monthly data as a backup, print results for partners and owners, and easily share with your accountant at year end.

Innago is the best way to collect rent payments online from tenants
Best free online rent collection service

Automated payments

Tenants love signing up for automated debits, and you’ll love it when they do. Fewer tenants will forget to pay and more rental payments will come in on time.

In fact, more than half of Innago landlords report a significant improvement to the speed of their rental collection. Faster payments mean less headache for you.

Recurring and custom invoices

Customize your rental frequency for automated invoices: charge your tenants monthly, weekly, or any other payment interval you can dream up.

But many tenants pay for more than just rent, and with Innago, you can charge them for it. Add recurring fees for parking, pets, and utilities. Or, create one-off custom invoices like maintenance charges and move-in fees.

With innago landlords can give residents a reason to pay online and on-time

Payment Reminder Alerts

Tenants receive automatic reminders when rent is due and when it’s late. A convenient Pay Now button located right in the email makes submitting on time as easy as a simple click.

You can also send custom reminders to one or all tenants under lease. Innago tracks and easily displays an archive of emails sent.

Quickbooks Integration

Quickbooks is the most common financial solution for small-businesses, including many landlords. That’s why we’ve built Innago to directly integrate with your Quickbooks web account.

After a simple, one-step setup, rental payments and custom invoices are recorded directly from Innago into your Quickbooks account, providing you a wholistic view of your entire business.

Get collected payment alerts and reminders
Rent collection software that integrates with QuickBooks

eCheck and Credit Card Options

Paying online for rent with Innago is fast, secure, and convenient. Tenants can connect their checking or savings account, or a debit / credit card. And it’s all available on desktop and mobile.

Innago allows you to offer powerful payment solutions to your tenants without the hassle of setting up a variety of merchant services.

Innago makes my life so much easier. It’s an awesome tenant/landlord web portal with excellent support. I couldn't have done it without you guys!

Joe Williams

VIP Property Management

I was impressed with Innago’s professionalism. They weren't pushy or overbearing. They were up front about everything. I reviewed 4 other companies, but I kept coming back to Innago. Like everything, there is a learning curve but they’re always available for me. Innago feels right.

Joyce Rinehart

Community Management

Not only was my job made easier, but my tenants LOVED Innago. I also enjoyed that it was all online based, which allowed me to work from home several days if I needed to. This was huge for a working mom with two kids. 

Ashley Hill

Highland Court Apartments

Innago really helped us meet the needs of our tenants. They had requested an online payment option for a while. Innago made it easy for them to pay online. Easy to setup and easy to use. It's nice to be able to know who you are working with and the service is the best.

Amanda Rogers

Raemar Harrison

I was so happy with how quickly the Innago team responded to me if I had questions or had an issue. This is huge when switching programs! I always felt like they were a part of my team and wanted to help MY business.

Robert Lewis

Lewis Town Properties

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