Affordable Housing Software That’s

Affordable (Free)

Your tenants don’t want to break the bank and neither should you. Offer them simple, modern features to help you manage your section 8, low income, workforce housing, or HUD portfolios.

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Streamline Rental

Tenants can pay rent online and sign up for automated rent payments, resulting in fewer tenants forgetting to pay and more rental payments that come in on time. 

Direct Communication

Communicate Directly
With Tenants

Innago stores all communication records between you and your tenant so you can easily get to the bottom of a dispute.
Signed documents, files, insurance policies and anything else you need are all accessible for you on a single platform. 

Tenants Experience

Manage, Sign, &
Documents Digitally

Sign and store as many leases and other documents as you like, as always – for free. This includes your Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) Contract, lease agreements, tenant information, purchase receipts, and more.


Quickly access your documents anytime, from anywhere. 

The Team

Add Your Team

More than one person managing your affordable housing properties? No problem.
Adjust security settings so the right people see the right properties and the right information.