Residential Properties

Residential housing is the bedrock of the US real estate market.

From multi-family apartments to single-family residentials, residential housing is the bedrock of the US real estate market. As you grow your portfolio for passive income, a retirement fund, or just for the challenge, you need tools that grow with you. Innago makes managing your rentals simpler than ever.

Free residential property management software

Fast Funds Delivery

We deliver your funds fast. Whether the tenant pays by eCheck, or Credit / Debit Card, you’ll receive your money after just one business day.*

*First time rental submissions are held for two extra days to help verify the funds are available and the tenant is not fraudulent.

Multiple Bank
and LLCs

Many landlords use multiple bank accounts and formulate more than one LLC. Innago allows you to add as many accounts as you need and assign them on a property-by-property basis.

Screen, Sign, Rent

The entire rental process is in one simple to use and easily accessible place. Create your custom application and screen tenants. Upload your lease and sign it digitally. Generate invoices and collect rent. Managing your residential properties has never been easier, from start to finish.

Late Fee Enforcement

Automate your late fee, whether you charge a percentage, a flat fee, a repeating fee, or some combination of all three. And if you’re feeling generous, waive late fees with the click of a button.
Tenants receive automatic reminders when rent is due, when it’s overdue, and when late fees begin to take effect.