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Inbal Madar Field Operations Specialist and Property Manager, Class Management and IM Management


Philadelphia, PA

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Not the Plan

Inbal Madar didn’t plan to go into property management and field operations. In fact, when she first came to America from Israel and started college, she studied communications and television production.

She got a job as a receptionist for a property management organization to help pay her bills after earning her degree. Over time, she took on more and more responsibility at the company. Her boss appreciated her work ethic, sound decision-making, and reliability. Eventually, he asked her to commit to the company.

Inbal didn’t commit right away, but she knew she loved working with properties and people. The job was a great fit. After some deliberation, she took the role. Years later, she’s still thrilled with her choice.

Finding Innago

In the beginning, Inbal started off managing three buildings. She was also heavily involved in the construction of a new building.

She inherited Buildium from the manager before her. Her experience with this property management software was frustrating on almost all fronts. Their customer service couldn’t help with her issues. It wasn’t easy to track money going in and out. And the fees were too costly.

Inbal continued to impress her boss, and he gave her more and more properties to manage.

But Buildium was a thorn in her side. It was slowing her down and wasting her valuable time. She needed something that was intuitive and efficient. So, she started looking for a new provider.

“I wasn’t happy with Buildium. I had two management companies with them. It was impossible to reach them. It was impossible to talk to someone that knew everything you needed to know.”

I'm Tanvir Sattar

She looked at a few alternative software platforms. She wasn’t sold on any of them, though.

That’s when she came across Innago online. Every review was extremely positive, so she decided to reach out. Tanvir Sattar (Head of Business Development) set up a call to discuss the platform with her.

“I got to talk to Tanvir, and he set up a Zoom meeting. I liked that he wanted to talk face-to-face. It felt very personal.”

Inbal’s main concern was convenience and ease of use. She conveyed this sentiment to Tanvir, and his response instilled immediate confidence. He explained to her that Innago is free to landlords and property managers and exceptionally intuitive. He told her the platform could adapt to her needs and streamline her operations.

At first, Inbal asked the Innago team to transfer 30 units onto the platform. However, her boss gave her more units to manage almost immediately after she made the move.

She reached out to Dave Spooner (CEO) and the team to transfer the rest.

“Dave told me not to worry about anything.
He said, Get me the rent roll and any other relevant information. We’re going to set everything up. If you need any tweaks or corrections after, it will be easy to adjust.”

Initially, Inbal had concerns that the volume might be overwhelming. She also worried about the tenant experience because of her previous provider’s lack of reliability.

Innago quashed those concerns from the first day. She hasn’t had any issues with renters since the onboarding process. They get answers promptly from Innago’s support team. And, of equal importance, the software’s reliability allows her to focus more on the parts of her job she loves.

It’s a Funny Story

Inbal is unique because not only does she interact with Innago from the property management side, but she’s also a tenant who uses Innago. The couple she rents from weren’t originally using Innago, though. For a while, she paid rent with checks every month.
Inbal’s landlords would sometimes lose track of whether she sent the rent or not with paper checks, and she would have to search bank transactions and show them when she paid.

This ongoing confusion gave Inbal an idea. She mentioned Innago to her landlords the next time she saw them. She knew software could help their business. Personal checks can be a nightmare for a lot of reasons, including inconvenience and the potential for them to bounce.

But her landlords told her they didn’t want to pay fees for software. Imagine their surprise when Inbal replied that Innago is free.

“They couldn’t believe it at first. ‘What do you mean they don’t charge?”

They switched to Innago right after that conversation. And they told Inbal their experience has been great. Inbal enjoys that she can now vouch for how well Innago works for tenants and property managers from personal experience.

As she reflected on the situation and how everything turned out, she smiled and said, “It’s a funny story.”

Almost $80,000 per Year in Additional Revenue

Today, Inbal and her team use Innago for online rent payments, credit/background checks, and a variety of financial performance reports. They’re going to start using the online lease signing feature as well.

These features allow Inbal to spend more time on the parts of her job she’s more passionate about. These elements include overseeing construction, project management, office work, and collaboration with different vendors.

Although Inbal appreciates all of the features mentioned above, the late fees feature has been the most critical for her business. The software allows her to easily view invoices with amounts, late fee history, and rent information.

And, after setting up the late fees, the platform automatically adds late fees for tenants who don’t pay on time. This feature has added an extra $80,000 per year in revenue for Inbal’s business because late fees are often lost in the shuffle when manually managed.

“The simplicity of the late fees and the additional revenue is a major boost.”

The Relationship Means Everything

Inbal believes Innago’s mission and human touch make the real difference.
Innago wants to be different… The team has been so helpful and great… They’ll actually get
on the phone with you… My experience with Innago has been beyond expectations.

The trust Innago cultivates makes Inbal feel secure. Personal recommendations are the ultimate sign of belief in a product, and Inbal recommends Innago all the time.

“I’m happy to introduce people to Innago, and if I can help people transfer, I direct them to this team because I’m very satisfied with Innago.”

About Innago

Innago is a free, easy-to-use property management software solution, designed to save you time and money. Our mission is to make managing communities simple, accessible, & affordable for managers of any size.