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The Road from 0% to 83% How Innago Changed the way Paradrome Properties Collects Rent

Melissa Fox Property Owner & Property Manager


Cincinnati, OH

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Why Innago

Paradrome Propeties sees an 83% increase in Online Rent Payment Adoption Because of Innago.

Getting Back to her Roots

Missy’s father started buying rental properties in Mount Adams in Cincinnati during the 1960s.

While her dad continued building his business, Missy graduated college and started her career in corporate finance. She moved away from Cincinnati and started a new life outside the city.

She “hit a fork in the road” after some time in Finance where she wanted to assess her life. She wasn’t sure what she wanted to do next, but she was ready for a change. So, she chose to join her dad in the family business.

Missy grew up in Cincinnati. She loves this city. It was obvious speaking with her that she’s passionate about where she’s from. And she’s just as passionate about introducing people who aren’t familiar with Cincinnati to the Queen City.

“She said, “People don’t always realize how amazing this city is. People moving in from out-of-state are often surprised at the beauty and liveliness of Cincinnati.”


The Problems

When Missy first joined her father’s business, it was very traditional, relying on paper and hard copies for records and payments. But that had some enormous drawbacks.

It wasn’t easy to track who had paid rent, when they had paid, if late fees needed to be assessed, etc. Missy found it overwhelming trying to keep track of incoming payments and records. Things were scattered and a bit haphazard. Additionally, the business was run entirely in-house, so there weren’t other employees to help shoulder the work.

Finding Innago

Missy used Yardi before Innago, hoping that it would streamline her operations. But she wasn’t a huge fan of the platform.

It was very Time consuming

“I used a product called Yardi prior [to Innago], and I just found that to be really cumbersome. I felt like I had to go back and do a lot of corrections. It was very time consuming, and it was easier to write things down… But there’s something about Innago. The ease of use makes it really worth it.”

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Tanvir Sattar, Head of Business Development at Innago, approached Missy in 2017 about switching platforms. He was familiar with the area and Paradrome Properties. He asked Missy insightful questions and explained how Innago could assist her business.

Missy appreciated what he had to say and liked that the product was free for landlords and property owners.

“It was difficult to get my father to buy into it at first. But this fact [the price point] made the sell easier.”

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Once Missy decided to adopt Innago, the onboarding process was smooth. Dave Spooner (CEO), Tanvir, and the rest of the team were there each step of the way.

“My husband is an IT professional and the Innago team made us both comfortable with the system and the financial safeguards in place.”

What Makes Innago Special

“Innago is easy all the way around. Easy to get set up, easy for my tenants to pay, and easy for me. Ease is the word.”

The main feature Missy uses is online rent payments. Most of her tenants now use this method to pay rent. Missy loves that the money is deposited directly into her account. She can also see who has paid and when they paid. This automatic history stored in one place is superior to the old record-keeping in every way, especially the enhanced efficiency.

“If we hadn’t adopted Innago, everything would be a little clunkier. Getting through the payment and banking situations. Getting back a bit of time is so worth it.”

Late fees are less of an issue because Innago allows tenants to pay early, sends out automated reminders and offers the ability to set up automatic payments.

“Innago has made my tenants’ experience much easier, too.”

Missy also values the customer support. The human touch sets Innago apart. She knows the team cares and wants to help solve any issues she may run into. She appreciates that she can pick up the phone and get assistance quickly.

Missy has a lot of responsibilities. Her calendar is always full. With Innago’s assistance, she’s able to focus on other key parts of her job. She doesn’t need to waste time doing things like collecting checks and depositing them at the bank. She described the time she gets back as “invaluable.”

Missy believes others would benefit from her experience Innago changed her business for the better.

“I would definitely recommend Innago to other property owners.”

About Innago

Innago is a free, easy-to-use property management software solution, designed to save you time and money. Our mission is to make managing communities simple, accessible, & affordable for managers of any size.