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Communicate with Tenants for Pain-Free Management

May 19, 2017

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The way people communicate is constantly changing, especially in 2017, when there are constant distractions.  Your tenants may sign their lease with the best of intentions, but too often they begin shirking responsibilities: rent starts to comes in late, late fees aren’t being submitted, minor maintenance requests linger, etc.  And while some of these renters are truly bad eggs (how did they get through the screening process?), others are just forgetful.  It’s not an excuse, but at least it’s a correctable problem.  The cornerstone to effective, simple management is clear and frequent communication.

The most important thing you can do during the rental process is establish simple, direct rules and communicate clearly whenever those rules are in jeopardy of being broken.  Multiple reminders should be sent prior to the first month’s rental due date.  Tenants should be notified of late fees immediately before and after they begin accruing.  And just as importantly (and often overlooked), the tenants should have a simple means of communicating back with you the landlord.

How to Communicate with Tenants

Offering constant reminders to your tenants can seem like a daunting and tedious task.  But in the age of smartphones, it can be quite simple. Emails should be the backbone of any notification effort and can be pretty easily automated (this is included in Innago).  However, particularly with younger tenants, texting is a great route.  Set up a mass-texting service and communicate directly with tenants when something comes up.  And both methods offer an easy means of reply if the tenants have something to share.  Staying on message with your tenants will ensure a smooth and simple management process.


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