Innago Makes Tenant
Communication Matter

You want to be organized. Your tenants want to be heard.

Chat directly, post community announcements, leverage automation, and manage multiple communication channels from a single, seamlessly connected interface.Connect with your tenants

listing and syndication

Full, Comprehensive Reports

Credit History​

Get insight into applicants’ financial history, including open accounts, payment history, credit history, collections, inquiries, and more. All of our credit checks are soft pulls, so it won’t affect the applicant’s credit score.​

With Innago landlords can check applicant's history of eviction, credit report, and records of outstanding rent

Criminal History​

Access both national and state criminal records, as well as the national sex offender registry, and most wanted databases. For states that do not permit you to use criminal records for screening, you can easily turn this report off.

Screen you tenants for background check and criminal history

Eviction History

Tap into one of the largest eviction databases with over 27 million eviction records, covering all 50 states plus Washington D.C. All reports include tenant judgments, unlawful detainers, failure to pay rent, writs and warrants of eviction.

Check the eviction history and prevent disastrous rentals
Lease Documents

An Application Built for Your Properties​

Tracking and Managing

Every market is different, every business is different, and of course, every tenant is different. That’s why you need tenant screening and it’s also why you need the ability to build your own application from top to bottom. ​Innago makes it easy to do just that. Our custom application builder means you can ask the questions that matter most to you. Request file uploads like paystubs or other supporting documents and customize the appearance to match your business.

Easily link your rental application on you own website
Tenant screening support and multiple templates
Time is money

More Features


Embed Your Application on Your Website​

Its incredibly easy to link your Innago application and screening check, directly to your marketing website. Prospective tenants can reach out as soon as they’re interested, helping you close more leases faster.​

Easily link your rental application on you own website


Support for Multiple Templates

Create different templates for different properties or property types. It’s easy with Innago to have an application template for your commercial properties, another for student housing, and another for properties you own up-state. ​

Tenant screening support and multiple templates


Charge Extra For Your Time​

Easily add an additional charge on top of your application to cover the cost of your time evaluating the applicant and calling their employer, references, past landlord, etc.​

Time is money

Find Out All the Ways Innago Can Help

Innago provides you all the tools you need to better manage your properties in one simple, easy to use package. ​

Online rent payment system allows you to set up monthly rent and due dates for each tenant

Online Rent

Simple, easy online rental collection for you and your tenants.

free online lease signing

Online Lease

Sign and store any number of leases and documents online.

Innago maintenance tracking software makes it easy for tenants to submit maintenance requests


Manage work orders and a maintenance team all in one place.

Innago Mobile apps for landlords and tenants


Innago access anywhere for you and your renters.

Free rental property listing tools and syndication

Listing & Syndication

Spread the word about your rentals to attract more tenants.

Innago's financial & expense reporting

Expense &

Understand your business better than ever before with insightful reports.

Rental insurance policies


Protect yourself and your tenants now from future headaches.

Secure cloud based property management software

Security &

Serious security and convenience so you don’t have to worry about your data.

Why Landlords & Tenants Love Innago

Property Manager

Not only is my job made easier, but my tenants LOVE Innago. I also enjoy that it was all online based, which allows me to work from home several days if needed. This is huge for a working mom with two kids.

Ashley Hill

Highland Court Apartments

Property Manager

Innago really helped us meet the needs of our tenants. They had requested an online payment option for a while. Innago made it easy for them to pay online. Easy to set up and easy to use. It's nice to be able to know who you are working with and the service is the best.

Amanda Rogers

Raemar Harrison


I was so happy with how quickly the Innago team responded to me if I had questions or had an issue. This is huge when switching programs! I always felt like they were a part of my team and wanted to help MY business.

Joe Williams

VIP Property Management


I was impressed with Innago’s professionalism. They weren't pushy or overbearing. They were up front about everything. I reviewed 4 other companies, but I kept coming back to Innago. Like everything, there is a learning curve but they’re always available for me. Innago feels right.

Joyce Rinehart

Community Management


I was so happy with how quickly the Innago team responded to me if I had questions or had an issue. This is huge when switching programs! I always felt like they were a part of my team and wanted to help MY business.

Robert Lewis

Lewis Town Properties

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