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Tenant Communication

Provide an
Exceptional Experience​

Communication is the backbone of any tenant-landlord relationship, and when done effectively, it can mean the difference between a good tenant and a great one.​

Automated messaging tools​

Dedicated Account Rep​

Comprehensive Data Encryption​

Put Positivity on Auto-Pilot​

You don’t manage properties – you manage people that happen to live in your properties. Communicating your rules and expectations, enforcing late fees, and remembering past conversations shouldn’t be the responsibility of your memory. ​

With re-usable messaging templates, automated notifications, and a single home for all your chats, you can create a positive tenant-landlord relationship without hardly lifting a finger.​

Innago free tenant management software allows you to easily communicate with your renters
Landlords can communicate more effectively with tenants

Get Personal While
You Stay Private​

Giving your tenants a personal and (relatable / positive / welcoming / warm / pleasant) experience results in better renters and a better outcome for everyone. But for many landlords, that has meant giving up too much of their life.​

​Innago’s in-app messenger makes it simple and easy to communicate quickly and directly with your tenants without providing them your personal phone number. ​

Build a Rental Community​

Providing your tenants a sense of community can make your rentals the most sought after in the community. ​

The Innago Announcement feature is a giant cork board for your rentals that lets you do just that. It’s the perfect marriage of social engagement and critical communication. Let your tenants know anything from an upcoming barbecue to a planned water service outage.​

GeneralMar 23, 2021 | Expires in 28 daysneighbors!Friday from 4PM to 7PM. Come get some food and meet yourTo help ring in the summer, we're hosting a barbecue on Vine Street22 Views10 Likes3 Comments1h agoCan't wait! Looking forward to some good eats.10m agoThanks for hosting! Should be fun.