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5 Benefits of Listing Syndication Software

November 24, 2020

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The Benefits Of Listing Syndication Software

Successful internet marketing is essential to the operation of any real estate business. As you likely well know, vacancies are expensive. The best way to fill an empty unit is to market proactively and effectively. The quicker your vacancy is filled, the healthier your cash flow will be. Listing syndication software could be the answer.

There are two key steps to successfully market a rental property. First, you must write a strong, eye-catching listing that includes all the property details. If you need help in this department, we’ve posted about how to write the perfect listing before. The second step is to post your listing on multiple major real estate websites. This can quickly become a major project, especially if you want your rental listings to get as much visibility as possible. How can you make this process easier?

In this article, we’ll discuss listing syndication software and the many benefits it offers landlords and property managers during the leasing process.

What is Listing Syndication? 

First things first: What is listing syndication?

Listing syndication is the process of sharing a single rental listing for a vacant unit on multiple listing sites to advertise it and generate rental applicants. Listing sites include major rental websites like Zillow or, but the term also refers to local listing sites or even listings posted on social media sites, like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist.

Listing syndication software can automate this process, although it can also be done manually. You can probably already tell which option is the more efficient choice.

What is Listing Syndication Software? 

The easiest way to get your property listings posted on the most popular listing websites is through real estate listing syndication software. Listing syndication software posts your rental listings on many major property sites all at once. The goal with this service is to get your listing posted everywhere that prospective tenants might be looking, without taking an unrealistic amount of time to do it manually. Many modern, cloud-based property management software platforms include this type of feature set as part of their offering, making it even easier to get started. 

It should already be pretty clear that listing syndication software is an invaluable tool for real estate marketing, but in case you need a little more convincing, below we go over five benefits of listing syndication software. 

1. Increased Market Exposure 

Your objective when posting a new listing is to reach as many interested tenants as possible in the least amount of time. The more places that your listing is posted, the better chance you have to not only reach prospective tenants, but also find quality renters. 

Listing syndication software allows you to post on the maximum number of real estate sites. It also makes it possible for your active listings to be shared on the best rental property websites. Some major sites get millions of visits a month. Do you really want to miss out on that level of exposure? 

2. Listing Syndication Saves Time and Money 

Without property listing syndication, you and your team have to manually post your listings on each individual website that you use for marketing. This is laborious and time-consuming. What’s more, if you want to make any changes after the listing is posted, you have to log back into each and every site to make your adjustments. This is an ineffective use of your time. The longer it takes to get listings up, the longer your unit will sit vacant, which costs you money that you can’t afford to lose. 

Listing syndication solves these problems. Once you write a great listing, all you have to do is go through your chosen software and let them do the work for you. And if you want to make adjustments, you can easily do so. Once you make your changes, the listing software will implement them on all the sites where your listing is posted. 

3. Maximum Tenant Leads 

Most renters today hunt for properties on the web — this is simply a fact. There are a handful of major sites that renters go to find new places to live. Renters visit these sites due to their high volume of listings. They’re basically a one-stop shop for rental properties. This way, renters don’t have to visit lots of individual sites or constantly check the newspaper to find a property that interests them. In order to reach these renters, you have to get your listings posted on these major sites. You go where the tenants go, and this is where the tenants are. 

4. Consolidation of Feed Management 

Without listing syndication, you have to constantly check all of the property portals on which you’ve posted your rental property listings. This is inefficient and can become overwhelming. You don’t want to miss out on quality tenants just because you were mismanaging your marketing system. 

Listing syndication consolidates your feeds, providing you with a real-time overview of your feeds and allowing you to monitor the status of every listing on all the major listing sites. If your listing successfully posts, you’re given the portal’s reference number and are able to view the listing on the website. If your listing fails to publish, You’re provided a detailed reason and have the ability to adjust the listing. 

5. Improved Brand Awareness 

If you’re a landlord or property manager who is trying to grow your real estate business, then you know just how important brand awareness is. Because major listing portals get so much traffic, they are great at improving brand awareness. The more renters that come in contact with your listings backed with the added credibility of being syndicated on a major site, the better your brand’s awareness and reputation will become. 

Listing Syndication Software is a Must 

Still having doubts about listing syndication software? We didn’t think so. If you’re serious about running a successful real estate business, listing syndication is a necessity. There’s no other way to reach such a wide pool of renters in such a small amount of time. You can’t afford to market your properties any other way. 

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