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Blueprints for revamping commercial properties

Revamping Commercial Properties for New Use

Major changes in the way people shop, work, and interact have left the commercial real estate market on edge. In retail, the continuous growth of e-commerce has had a devastating effect on once prominent brick-and-mortar businesses. Traditional office buildings are struggling to keep up with shifts in workplace dynamics and the rise of the work-from-home employee. As a commercial landlord, these developments can feel extremely discouraging. However, instead ofRead more
historic property row houses

Three Keys to Marketing a Historic Property

Although recent real estate trends have focused on investing in and gentrifying urban communities across the country, that doesn’t mean there’s less demand for historic properties. In fact, as urban areas undergo revivals, certain properties and buildings may become highly sought after for the very features for which they were once overlooked. These revitalized buildings and districts raise the awareness of and value placed on historic features by tenantsRead more
climate gentrification

Will Climate Gentrification Affect your Real Estate Market?

We’ve discussed the numerous ways to stay abreast of the ever-changing real estate market before at Innago, ranging from proximity to retail to shrinking apartment sizes, but it's doubtful we've taken on a topic quite so large as climate change. Just how far down the road until we see its effects remains to be seen, but that global warming will have an effect in nearly all industries is certain.Read more
proximity to retail store

Is Proximity to Retail Becoming Less Important to Renters?

With Amazon continuing to grow, making nearly everything deliverable to your door, proximity to retail might become less and less of a draw for potential renters. Take into account that many malls and once-unshakable franchises across the country are closing, and the role of brick-and-mortar stores in relation to property management certainly deserves another look. Here are some things to keep in mind when gauging how this growing phenomenonRead more
Decreasing Apartment Size

Apartment Size is Decreasing: Does it Matter?

As new apartment buildings are built, the units on the inside are changing drastically. Since 2006, the national apartment size average has been slowly decreasing. So far in 2017, the average size of an apartment has been recorded at 889 square feet, which represents a 9% reduction compared to those built in 2006. Surprisingly, even though the amount of space offered to tenants is shrinking, the occupancy rate ofRead more
Backcasting and trend analysis

Backcasting: Analyzing the Past for the Future of Real Estate

You may be unfamiliar with the term backcasting, but if you’ve been in the real estate industry in any way shape or form for even just a month, you’re bound to have heard about real estate cycles. Cycles are evident in every form of real estate – commercial and residential, big and small. Nearly every aspect of real estate is cyclical in some way, whether it’s the price ofRead more
Smart home

Smart Homes in the Rental Market

We are currently living in a world with smartphones, smart cars, smart televisions and now; smart homes. Even though the smart home market is still in it’s embryonic stage, people are actually adopting this technology more rapidly than originally imagined. So quickly that we are already seeing the next step in this evolution of real estate: smart apartments. Market Creation Millennials are now the largest living generation, surpassing babyRead more
Generation Z looking out

Renting to a New Generation: Are You Ready?

The apartment industry has been obsessing over millennials for years. And for good reason.  Millennials are responsible for the recent, drastic increase in rental housing demand. But believe it or not, there’s already a new generation on the way. Generation Z or the “iGeneration” will be moving out and into the workforce starting in 2017. The iGeneration hasn’t been precisely defined yet, but it roughly consists of individuals whoRead more
White House

What the Trump Tax Cuts Mean for Small and Mid-Sized Landlords

Wednesday afternoon, April 26th, the Trump administration released a first draft of its proposed tax reform plan.  The outline includes a considerable corporate tax cut of 15% applicable to all businesses – from mom-and-pop local retail stores to large conglomerates. The rate shift is the big headline and is of course significant to any landlord operating under one or more LLC’s; however, there is an additional item contained inRead more


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