Innago Adds Accounting Integration with REI Hub

January 9, 2024

We’d love to connect with you.

Innago is built to make it easier for you to manage your tenants. Through integrations, we can also make it far easier for you to manage your books.

We are thrilled to share with you the latest addition to our suite of accounting integrations: REI Hub!

Once connected, essential data such as invoices, payments, expenses, and more will be seamlessly recorded in both Innago and REI Hub. This integration will streamline your rental operations, saving you time and simplifying data management. 

About REI Hub 

REI Hub is an accounting software platform configured specifically for rental property owners. It can be used by owners of any type of property: Single- or multi-family, short- or long-term. Below are a few of the capabilities REI Hub offers its users: 

  • Track income and expenses 
  • Categorize transactions 
  • Complete tax preparation 
  • Access payment and bookkeeping templates 
  • Add financial accounts 
  • Generate financial reports (profit and loss, cash flow, Schedule E, etc.) 
  • Quickly view property and portfolio dashboards 

Benefits of This Integration 

The biggest benefit of connecting your Innago and REI Hub accounts is efficiency. Enabling the integration will save you much time, as information like income and expenses will automatically be synced to your REI Hub account from Innago. You won’t have to manually add these transactions once the connection is active. 

In addition, REI Hub’s advanced software can meet more complex accounting needs than traditional accounting software. If you’re in search of advanced features and enhanced functionality, this integration promises to be an invaluable asset for you. 

How to Connect Your Innago and REI Hub Accounts 

For those already using REI Hub, you’ll now be able to connect your Innago account to your existing REI Hub account. Just reach out to the REI Hub support team for help in establishing the proper connection.

If you’re new to REI Hub, follow these steps to create an account and connect it to Innago:

1) Visit your Settings page by clicking the gear icon in the bottom left corner of your screen on web browser. Then click the Integrations tab.

2) Click “View and Connect” then “Add an REI Hub Account”. From here, you’ll provide the necessary information then click “Create Account”.

Please note, if you already have an REI Hub account that shares the same e-mail address as your Innago username, you’ll need to contact REI Hub to complete the integration.

3) You’ll be redirected REI Hub to finish creating your account, then redirected back to Innago.

4) Select the properties you would like to have synched with REI Hub, along with which reports you would like to synch. Click “Integrate Now”.

5) Your REI Hub will be successfully synchronized, and you’ll now see the account you just created listed on the Integrations tab.

Get Started! 

We at Innago are working to build the best software possible to manage your properties and tenants. Sometimes, that means recognizing when other providers do something really well. REI Hub is just that when it comes to your accounting and books. By linking your Innago account to REI Hub, you can streamline your financial accounting workflow, freeing up valuable time for more strategic pursuits in your business. As always, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have about this integration at Innago Support (

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