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Innago Vs Landlord Studio

December 14, 2022

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Innago and Landlord Studio are two popular property management software products and determining which software to choose between them can be difficult. 

This article compares pricing, features, customer support, and more to help you figure out which platform is the best for your business. 


Landlord Studio has 2 pricing options: Go and Pro. The Go package is great for landlords with up to 3 properties. It includes many of the basic features available in most software. The Pro package is for landlords with over 3 properties and includes more advanced features. 

Innago, on the other side, is free for landlords. And there aren’t any pricing tiers or hidden fees. But wait, how do we make money? Glad you asked. We charge tenants small fees for certain add-on services. For example, if a tenant pays bills via ACH, they pay an added $2. If they pay with a card, they pay another 2.99%. Landlords can take on the cost of these fees if that’s your preference.  

Innago also charges applicants $30 for credit and criminal reports or $35 if you add on eviction history reports. Lastly, Innago  tenants to buy renter’s insurance through the platform. The insurance policies are priced individually. 

Landlord Studio’s Go plan is quite limited compared to Innago. The plan doesn’t offer data exports, advanced reporting, and has very limited document storage. Innago, however, offers all of these features at no cost to you. 

The last thing we’ll say about pricing is that Innago obtained 5 out of 5 possible stars regarding value for money from Capterra. Doorloop received 4.9 stars for the same metric.  


Innago received 4.8 out of 5 possible stars when it comes to ease of use. Landlord Studio obtained 4.7 out of 5 stars for the same metric. People generally find both platforms navigation simple and intuitive but prefer Innago by a slight margin.  

Several reviews on Capterra mention how simple and effective Landlord Studio is. It’s not flashy software but it’s clean and user-friendly.  

Innago is easy to use and it’s simple. Our platform has an uncluttered, intuitive interface and features that help you do everything you need to do. Innago has an always-present help menu in the lower right-hand corner of the screen in case you get stuck and a guided setup that provides tips to help you learn the platform when you first adopt it. Several reviews on Capterra highlight how user-friendly the software is. 

Customer Support 

Innago offers access to full email and phone help at no additional cost. Additionally, Innago develops webinars to help new landlords through the setup process and offers one-on-one demos by request. 

The platform assigns a representative to every account to give customers personalized service. Landlords receive the representative’s email and contact information. You can almost always reach someone on Innago’s general support line after hours (but there’s no guarantee it will be your specific representative). If you don’t get a hold of someone right when you call, we always return calls and emails within a couple of hours. 

Landlord Studio provides phone and email support as well. It also offers a help center full of educational articles and answers to commonly asked questions.  

Like Innago, Landlord Studio puts together webinars to help new customers understand the software and learn more quickly.  

Innago earned 4.9 out of 5 possible stars for customer service while Landlord Studio earned 4.8. 

Key Features 

Innago’s features are rated better across review sites than Landlord Studio. Innago obtained 4.8 out of 5 possible stars while Landlord Studio earned 4.6 stars.  

It’s important to mention that Landlord Studio’s Go plan is quite limited compared to Innago. The plan doesn’t offer data exports, advanced reporting, and has very limited document storage. 

Furthermore, the Pro plan doesn’t offer a ton beyond the Go plan, except advanced reporting and account management. Thus, Landlord Studio isn’t robust when it comes to features offered. 

Innago, however, offers all of these features at no cost to you. And Innago goes further as well. We also offer features like tenant communication tools and renter’s insurance. Our software is more comprehensive and has a wider variety of features than Landlord Studio.  

Likelihood to Recommend 

Another key factor in your decision comes down to peoples’ likelihood to recommend a product. While this should not be the determining factor in your decision, it should play a role in the decision. 

On Capterra, 98.8% of reviewers said they were likely to recommend Landlord Studio. Innago, on the other hand, had 97.4% of reviews saying they would recommend the platform to others. It’s important to mention that Landlord Studio has 144 fewer reviews, so each review has more weight which impacts the scores.  

Nonetheless, this metric still matters. Both scores indicate people’s belief in the products. These are the two of the highest percentages of any property management software reviewed on this site. 


Innago and Landlord Studio are both highly rated. But you simply cannot get more value for your money than with Innago. The price point combined with the intuitive interface and ample features make our software a great tool for your property management business.  

Innago is easy to use, provides exceptional customer service, and delivers where it matters. If you want to elevate your business, we can help you. 

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