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Innago Vs Zillow Rental Manager

February 14, 2023

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When looking for property management software, it’s important to find the best fit for your business. We know that the number of options can be overwhelming. That’s why you need to find ways to compare different software and understand what each does well. 

So, with that in mind, we created a series of articles comparing software to Innago. In this article, we’ll discuss pricing, features, customer support, and more to compare Innago with Zillow Rental Manager. 


Pricing is an important part of any decision to buy a new product.  

Zillow Rental Manager is free initially, but most of its features cost money. For instance, the first listing you post is free; however, after that, Zillow charges $9.99 for each listing every week. And it offers premium add-ons for listings as another potential added charge. 

The platform also charges $29 for applications and screening reports. That said, this cost can be transferred to applicants. Transaction fees are a part of the platform, too (2.95% for credit card expenditures and $9.95), and these can be transferred to tenants as well. 

What about Innago? It’s free. It comes at no cost to you. So, how do we make money? We have tenants pay small fees for certain add-on services. For instance, when a tenant takes care of a bill through ACH, they owe an additional $2 fee. If they pay with a card, that’s an additional 2.75%. Landlords and property managers can absorb the cost of these fees if they want to.  

Innago also charges applicants $30 for credit and criminal reports or $35 to include eviction history reports. Lastly, Innago allows tenants to buy renter’s insurance directly on the platform. The insurance policies are priced individually.  


If you look at online review sites like Capterra, you will find that Innago is the better option. Reviewers love Innago’s user-friendly interface and unembellished design. The platform is intuitive while still offering all the features property managers need

Innago scored 4.8 out of 5 possible stars on ease of use on Capterra, while Zillow only scored 4.3 stars.  

Customer Support 

Customer support is an invaluable measuring stick when comparing property management software platforms. Innago received 4.9 stars out of a possible 5, and Zillow received 4.1 out of 5 possible stars.  

Innago provides access to full email, phone help, and a live chat option during business hours. Innago also puts together webinars to help new landlords get up to speed and offers personalized demos by request. 

Innago assigns a representative to each account to ensure customers get personalized service. Landlords receive the representative’s email and contact information. You can almost always reach someone on Innago’s general support line after hours (it won’t necessarily be your assigned representative, though). And, if you can’t reach them right away, they always return calls and emails within a couple of hours.  

One of Zillow’s major drawbacks is its customer support. On, multiple reviews mention disappointment with the customer service. One consumer, Wes, even said, “No phone support. Even leaving a review it forces a response of how the software is used rather than give an option to use other and fill in the blank.” 

The main way to reach Zillow Rental Manager support is by submitting a request. There aren’t a lot of other options for getting support. 

Key Features 

Features are a critical piece of any software consideration. Zillow Rental Manager is limited when it comes to features. Innago provides you with a suite full of features that landlords and property managers can use to elevate their business. 

Some of Innago’s key features include: 

  • Listing syndication, marketing, advertising, the ability upload images and videos, and publish to major rental listing websites with the single click of a button 
  • Custom applications and tenant screening, including a customizable application builder and criminal, credit, and eviction history reports 
  • Online leasing, digital signatures, status tracking, and unlimited file storage on the Cloud and sharing 
  • Automated payment reminders, tenant communication tools, messaging, email templates, and archives 
  • Invoice automation, recurring billing, automated late fee settings, and receipt and image storing 
  • Online rental payments through ACH, credit and debit card payments, and automated debits, with single-business-day funds delivery available 
  • Tenant maintenance request portal with picture and video upload, work order tracking, and ticket forwarding to repair personnel 
  • Financial tracking and reporting, bank deposit history, and exportable data 
  • Support via phone, email, and a dedicated account representative 

Zillow Rental Manager’s key core features include: 

  • Rent collection 
  • Tenant screening 
  • Leasing tools  
  • Convenient mobile app
  • Listing syndication 

On Capterra, Innago received 4.8 out of 5 possible stars versus Zillow’s 4.3 when it comes to features (refers to features in general).  

Likelihood to Recommend 

Someone’s likelihood to recommend a product is a great indicator of their belief in a product. No one is going to recommend a product that doesn’t bring them a lot of value. This metric reveals peoples’ true feelings about a product. If a person is willing to recommend something to their friends, which proves endorsement.  

On Capterra, 64.5% of reviewers said they would recommend Zillow Rental Manager. Innago, on the other hand, had 97.4% of reviews saying they would recommend the platform to others. 

This is the last metric for this review because it’s critical. It should play into your decision. That said, you should still take everything else into consideration and determine what works best for your specific business. 


Innago is clearly the better option. Zillow has too many issues and limited functionality. Conversely, Innago has tons of great reviews, an unbeatable price point, a sleek interface, and reliable, exceptional customer support. 

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