Introducing Innago: A Fresh Take On Property Management Software

March 21, 2017

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Why Innago Is A Fresh Take On Property Management Software

Innago is designed to be flexible, powerful, yet intuitive for every property manager or landlord to use. Whether you only have 1 unit, or 1000+, you can effectively use our platform to streamline your rental business – no training or certifications needed! Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case in the industry.

Property Management Software Wasn’t Designed for Everyone

When property management software was first created, it was understandably designed for the biggest fish in the pond: landlords with thousands of units, often spread out regionally and nationally.  Sellers of software have targeted these landlords because they have the biggest budgets.  As a result, the product they’ve created is loaded with features most landlords don’t need, and at a price few if any can afford. Most platforms have become too big, too clunky, too difficult to use, and too expensive for many landlords.

This leaves small-to-mid-sized, independent, local landlords in a tricky spot.  They can’t offer the same features and accessibility as their larger competition without breaking their budget.  They also don’t have access to the benefits themselves.  And those benefits are substantial.

What Makes Innago Different?

We’ve built our software from the ground up with local, independent landlords in mind.  Since the very beginning, we’ve been meeting with property owners for direct feedback on which features matter and which don’t.  We’re proud to say that we have a product our landlords and their tenants love.  But that doesn’t mean we’re satisfied.  We’re constantly working to improve the tools we provide.

We believe property management software should be simpler.  It should be less expensive, and you shouldn’t need to sacrifice quality for affordability.  We know independent landlords and property managers pride themselves on their hands-on approach, and we do too.  That’s why every one of our clients gets a personal account representative for themselves and their tenants.

It’s Free to Use!

Yes, you read that correctly: Innago is free to use.  No, really.  That means no monthly fees, no yearly fees, and no contract.  Our entire suite of features, from online rent collection to tenant screening, comes at no cost to landlords. So come take a look and see how much simpler property management software can be.

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