We often get raised eyebrows and funny faces when we tell folks we don’t have a contract.  It leaves our investors confused and our clients (and potential clients) a bit skeptical.  So we wanted to explain ourselves.  There are two primary reasons we have not ever and will not ever require you to sign a contract.


Reason 1: We Know You’ll Love Us

We at Innago believe property management software is a service, not a product.  When you sign up with us, you’ve agreed to a relationship with our team.  Your personal account representative is there to facilitate a smooth transition, assist whenever a need arises, and make sure that we’re providing you the best possible solution for your property management needs.

We’re not here to take your money, rope you into a long-term contract, and rest on our laurels while you try to figure out our system.  In fact, we’re so confident in the service we provide, we have no use for a contract.  And that’s the first reason we don’t have a contract: we don’t need it!

Our clients overwhelmingly choose us and stick with us.  We grow alongside you, or help you downsize into retirement.  Once you try Innago, we’re confident you’ll never want to leave – no contract required.


Reason 2: We’re Always Improving

The second reason we don’t have a contract is that we believe it keeps us sharp.  As I said, there’s no laurel resting here!  We know that if we don’t continue to provide the best tools and the best service on the market, our clients could walk away at any time (that’s the part the investors don’t like).

But have no fear investors!  No contract keeps our team working hard to always improve and always deliver.  No contract means no risk and better service.  No contract helps make Innago what it is: the best solution out there.

Plus, how do you sign a contract for something that’s already free?