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The Best Property Management Blogs that Every Landlord Should Follow

January 8, 2024

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Any landlord can attest to ever-evolving, fast-paced nature of the job.  

There are so many moving parts, and you’ll never know everything you need to know ahead of time.  

That’s why it’s important to keep learning every day.   

But who should you listen to?  

Friends who are landlords can be a great source of useful information.  

Beyond that, though, reading the right content can also provide a lot of insight.  

In this article, we’re going to talk about the best property management websites with blogs you should follow to be the best property manager or landlord possible. 

Blog #1: BiggerPockets  

Any article you read on property management and blogs will probably have BiggerPockets as the first or second suggestion. It’s a mainstay in the property management industry and one of the best property management websites. The site has tons of great information and updates regarding new trends and legislation.   

BiggerPockets provides a plethora of blog posts on a wide variety of topics that are pertinent to landlords, property managers, and rental properties. Whether you need to learn more about taxes, regulations, or best practices, BiggerPockets has something for you.  

This site is particularly useful for staying current on the latest news, including new legislation and how it impacts landlords.    

That said, it isn’t the most well-organized blog. The search feature isn’t extremely user friendly, but there are filters if you look closely, and the content is still incredibly useful.  

Blog #2: American Apartment Owners Association (AAOA)  

AAOA is another great blog for property management. As mentioned on their website, AAOA is “an online network of resources and benefits for landlords and property managers. Since [our inception], AAOA has steadily grown and is now the largest landlord association in the country with more than 146,000 members nationwide.”  

This blog covers a lot of news and insightful information on how to run your rental business. They also have an entire section devoted to landlord-tenant laws (we strongly suggest familiarizing yourself with these).  

Blog #3: Green Residential  

While this blog isn’t as renowned as the two before, it’s full of great insights. Green Residential is a property management company for owners and investors of residential properties in the Greater Houston Area.   

Their blog is well-organized, offers specific filters by topics, has a helpful search feature, and hosts tons of blogs on a range of topics. Their posts are straightforward and easy-to-read. They haven’t posted since August of 2023, though, so that’s something to keep an eye on.  

Blog #4: Property Management Insider  

Property Management Insider is an excellent blog for getting the latest news and information related to the real estate investing industry.  

Everything from data to marketing tips is fair game here, and the blog has a lot of different topics for landlords to peruse. It’s another helpful resource to enhance your property management business. 

Blog #5: probably doesn’t need an introduction. This is an established website with a lot of street cred. It’s been around a long time and has been a thought leader throughout its existence as well.  

This is one of the cleanest and most easily navigable blogs out there in the property management space. They also post a handful of blogs every month. The filtering is specific, too, so you can find anything from student housing topics to renovation blogs with ease.  

Blog #6: Multifamily Insiders  

An excellent blog tailored to multifamily properties, Multifamily Insiders doesn’t have the greatest blog design, and it’s not very user-friendly in terms as far as reading experiences go.  

That said, it compensates for the lack of appealing design with some top-tier content regarding multifamily property investing.  

Blog #7: SparkRental  

Brian Davis and his partner, Deni, founded SparkRental with a simple goal: They wanted to help 5,000 people reach $5,000 per month in passive real estate income. Their blog is a big part of achieving this goal. They post multiple times per month to educate anyone willing to read their articles.  

Most of their posts are in-depth and chocked full of useful information. They provide a lot of tips and tricks of the trade. This blog leans to the financial side of things, which is helpful for any landlord trying to enhance their business.  

This blog isn’t very organized, however, and there isn’t a filtering system in place. Thus, you’re going to have to search manually if you want to wade through older entries. They do have a few main suggested starting points at the bottom of the site.  

Blog #8: Forbes  

The real estate blog on Forbes is a wealth of information, and a lot of it could help your business.  

As with Forbes’ entire site, the design is clean and simple and not difficult to navigate. On the downside, there aren’t filters so you may have to dig a bit to find what you need.  

Most of the articles are well-written, though, and well-researched. This is definitely a blog to keep up with.  

Blog #9: fourandahalf  

fourandahalf, a property management services marketing agency, has an extremely helpful blog for property managers.  

They have tons of topics that take a deep dive into everything related to being a property manager (and it’s based on a lot of hands-on experience). Topics related to improving search engine optimization, social media marketing, and more can be found on this website. 

Blog #10: Guest Hook  

This vacation rental marketing company has a blog that provides simple, how-to content for its property management audience.   

If you’re in the vacation rental market, these articles will help your business. Whether you need to know more about listings or social media, there’s an article for you.  

Blog #11: Real Property Management  

Real Property Management is the largest residential property management franchise organization in North America. This great property management website has a bunch of articles with lots of relevant information for landlords.  

The blog doesn’t have a great design, though, so it’s not the best reading experience, but the insightful content makes up for it.  

Blog #12: American Rental Property Owners and Landlords Association  

The American Rental Property Owners and Landlords Association is a source you would assume has great, relevant content, and this blog lives up to those expectations.   

The articles here address many of the questions most landlords have as they progress in their careers. Whether you need help with maintenance requests/issues or how to handle tenants, this blog has you covered.  


Although this isn’t an exhaustive list, it includes some top tier property management blogs. If you want to better your property management business, the blogs on this list will help. 

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