Innago Adds Zillow to Its Listing Syndication Network

April 24, 2023

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Innago Partners With Zillow For Listing Syndication

At Innago, our landlords are always looking for ways to fill units faster and more efficiently. You rely on rental advertising to market your properties, reduce tenant turnover time, and limit the costs associated with vacancies. Listing syndication software is one of the best ways to accomplish these goals. It allows you to write one rental listing and post it to multiple major listing sites at once.  

Because listing syndication is one of your top priorities, it’s one of ours too. We at Innago are pleased to announce that we’ve added Zillow to our network.  

Zillow is the number one rental search website used by renters to find houses, condos, apartments, or rooms for rent. It has the largest inventory and highest site traffic across the industry, with 90 million unique visitors each month. It was also rated the best overall listing site for 2023 by Investopedia.  

The Zillow Network includes the following listing sites:  

  • Zillow  
  • Trulia  
  • Hotpads  

Our integration with Zillow will greatly expand our network, and subsequently, your reach to potential renters. When you use our listing syndication software, you won’t have to post your listings manually anymore – instead, you can post to Zillow and many other listing platforms all at once.  

If you’ve never used listing syndication before, here are some of its key benefits:  

  • Increases Market Exposure  
  • Saves Time and Money  
  • Maximizes Tenant Leads  
  • Consolidates Feed Management  
  • Improves Brand Awareness  

How Can You Post Listings to Zillow? 

1. From Innago menu on the left, click ‘Listings’.  

2. In top right corner, click ‘New Listing’.  

3. Here, you can either select an existing property and unit and click ‘Next’, or click ‘New Listing’.  

4. On the Basic Information page, enter your property name, address, property type, unit name, unit details and a listing headline and description. (Note – If you selected an existing property, some of this information will be pre-populated for you). Double check this information and, if it looks good, click ‘Next’.  

5. From the Rental Terms page, enter the rental amount, security deposit, payment frequency, move-in date and lease type. Click ‘Next’ to continue.  

6. On the Unit Features page, you have the option to select an applicable pet policy, along with utilities and amenities, and add any other additional information. Click ‘Next’ to continue.  

7. On the Upload Photos page, add a minimum of three photos and add an optional video URL to your listing. Click ‘Next’ to continue.  

8. On the Review and Publish page, you can select the eye icon to preview your listing. With the toggle button, choose whether or not to accept applications. Finally, select any listing sites to which you would like to publish your listings – Select ‘Zillow’ and click ‘Publish’.  

Please note that in order to publish your listings to the Zillow Network, you need to have a paid Zillow Feed Connect account and provide them with your Innago Company ID.

9. In order to activate your listing, we require you to verify your phone number. You can choose from a phone call or a text message. Enter your phone number and click ‘Get Code’. Type in the code to verify and click ‘Verify & Finish’.  

Congratulations! You’ve successfully published your listing to Zillow! 

Please note – published listings may take 24 – 48 hours to appear on your chosen networks.  


You don’t need a degree in marketing to advertise your properties in the most efficient ways possible. By adding Zillow to our listing syndication network, we know you’ll reach more prospective renters in less time. All you need is a listing, and we’ll do the rest.  

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